Logo Design

Your logo is like the window into your business. We can create a logo that will be distinctive, draw the eye, but be simple enough to use in colour, in black and white, digitally and in print.

Our logo design process is as follows:

  • Initial consultation to discover what you require, existing themes and colour schemes
  • Development of 3 prototype logos – we deliver these to you to get feedback and pick one to use as a working design
  • Full development of the chosen logo, incorporating any requested design tweaks
  • Delivery of the logo in hi-resolution vector format formatted for pale backgrounds, dark backgrounds and black and white printing


Branding is more than just a logo.  It covers your brand name, logo, colour scheme, fonts and every aspect of the identity of a product, or set of products.

Your brand should have an effect on people.  It should influence people and cause them to think in the way you want them to think about your product or business.

Consultation, development and refinement.  Your knowledge of your business combined with our knowledge of marketing. We set out to build a brand with this in mind.

Pet Site branding

Digital Publications

Digital publications are a modern way to deliver magazine style content to your users at a fraction of the cost of print.

We have years of experience on laying out content and images to create engaging publications for your customers.

Digital publications have the added advantage that the content can be clickable so readers can be taken directly the products or information featured in their magazine.

Please see The Pet Site Digital Magazine as an example of a recent digital publication.

Pet Digital Magazine

Print Publications

The development of your brand should flow throughout your print publications to ensure you are sending a coherent message with every item of stationery, every flyer and every catalogue.
  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Company Stationery