Fish Vet Group Norway

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Fish Vet Group needed a multi-lingual website with technical information and imagery regarding their work in the Fish health industry.

Tom Algae

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Tom Algae needed a website to highlight details of their product portfolio.  5m built a WordPress site for them in double-quick time to to give potential customers information ahead of an important trade show.

Paragone H2020

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Paragone H2020 is a Consortium of industrial and academic institutions that has received funding from EU Horizon 2020 to develop vaccines for animal parasites.

5m was brought in to develop a functional website for the purpose of providing general information about the project as well as dissemination of knowledge between consortium members.

McDonald’s Flagship Farms


Support for McDonald’s in the upkeep of their Flagship Farms website.

Seven Hills Bloodstock

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Seven Hills Bloodstock was designed by our design team to showcase our client’s Equine bloodstock investments. The site was designed in-house by our design team, and then converted to the responsive website using WordPress and custom web development.

The Poultry Site

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The Poultry Site is a custom website covering news and information in the poultry industry.

The Pig Site

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The Pig Site is a popular news and information website under constant development by 5m.