Benchmark PLC Intranet

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5m Creative Studio was tasked to update, refresh and revitalize the company intranet for Benchmark Holding PLC. This involved adding extra functionality to give users more reasons to log in and interact with the intranet.

Paragone H2020

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Paragone H2020 is a Consortium of industrial and academic institutions that has received funding from EU Horizon 2020 to develop vaccines for animal parasites.

5m was brought in to develop a functional website for the purpose of providing general information about the project as well as dissemination of knowledge between consortium members.

McDonald’s Flagship Farms


Support for McDonald’s in the upkeep of their Flagship Farms website.

Pet Digital


Digital Magazine for pet owners. The magazine was designed by the 5m team and all articles were written/edited by our editorial team

5m Farm Supplies

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5m Farm Supplies is an ecommerce site built with Magento.

The site employs a heavily modified responsive theme to make it great viewing on all devices.

The site utilises plugins to provide additional functionality both on the front of the site and in the background data processing.